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B2B Marketing 101: The Basic Math of B2B Marketing

Disclaimer: I love math.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’re probably in one of two groups – you either hate anything to do with numbers or you love it. I love it. It’s also the reason why I became a marketer; the combination between art and science, left brain and right brain, creativity and data-driven decisions. B2B marketing tends to be heavily skewed towards the analytics side, and the success of any business comes with figuring out the mathematical model that makes it a profitable organization. So is the case with marketing teams. If you want to be successful in generating demand for your business and delivering high quality leads to your sales team, you need to understand the mechanics of your business.
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[Presentation] Content Marketing on a Budget

Last night I presented at the Seattle Search Network to a group of search professionals. We had some good discussions about content marketing, how to discuss it with potential clients and the various approaches to good content.

You can view and download the presentation below. Please take a look at the notes for credit to sources and check out the resources slide for more helpful links.