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I first heard this expression several years ago and it immediately felt right. I played basketball, ran tracks and engaged in any possible sports activity in high school; I was an athlete. These days are long gone, but the concept of being an athlete, is part of who I am. Being a Marketing Athlete, means that the same proficiency I should in sports would now be applied to marketing.

It also means approaching any tasks with a professional “eye.” If you have the basic skill set, traits and aptitude, picking up new sports as an athlete should be relatively quick and simple for you. You might not be the best right away (or ever), but you would have a good start. Same thing applies to marketing. If you know the concepts, have the basic skill set and posses the aptitude, picking up new marketing tactics should be relatively easy.

What is this blog?

It’s my practice playground. As an athlete, you need to practice, a lot. This blog allows me to practice my marketing “athleticism.” I can share thoughts, ideas, experiences and questions, and hopefully get some validation, or at least a discussion around them.

I am not going to write a lot here (I do have a full time job…), but I promise I will try. I apologize in advance for spelling, grammar and format mistakes. If you see any of them, please point them out – I appreciate it.

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